La Medida Mezcal – About Us

We are a 100% Oaxacan-Mexican Company with Social Responsibility and Sustainable Committed to the Environment.

Mezcales “La Medida” brings together more than 46 producers of maguey and mezcal promoting Fairtrade.

Mezcales of “La Medida”, are made by Indigenous-Peasant in “palenques” with 450 years of Tradition and Culture. We respect nature through sustainable farming and people through fair trade. 

In Mezcales “La Medida”, we control our supply chain from planting, harvesting and packing processes respecting 100% handmade to obtain a certified product.

Our Products:


We offer presentations of:

  • 1 Botella de 4l (o 4l para exportación)
  • 1 Botella de 750ml (o 70cl para exportación)
  • 1 Botella de 250ml (o 20cl para exportación)